Steam VR

23rd March 2016 - Category: Games

The image below is the results from the Steam VR test, whilst nice to know I didn’t like the amount of noise I got from my card as it was maxxed out at 99% usage. The coil whine and fans made it sound like a card in pain.


Now VR is an interesting one, you will more than likely have headphones on, so this would be negated to a large degree. I do feel like we are far from crushing VR to the point that it is always smooth. The Steam test is on a Source Engine test and whilst still nice that is an engine I first saw on my AGP ATi 9600 back in the earilish 2000s. It really gives me pause.

MSX Box Designs

24th August 2015 - Category: Design,Tech and Computers

I loves them.

Yeah everybody

15th April 2015 - Category: Site News

I know its not that interesting, but I spent some time optimising the site. Should load much quicker now.

My Desktop

2nd November 2014 - Category: Desktop,Tech and Computers


My mate Jeremy in one of his recent shows explained that he doesn’t even use wallpaper. I can’t imagine not tinkering with computers. Just to show how much I play about here is a cut of my desktop. I usually have a different workflow, but I moved everything around so you can see it all in one go.

GTX 970 Photos

26th September 2014 - Category: Tech and Computers


Here are some photos of my new GTX 970, it replaces my old 7970. The GTX 970 is smaller in length, just, but taller. The fans are substantially larger. This is a good thing. The larger the fan, the slower they have to turn for the same airflow. The heat sink can be larger too.

The beast enters

22nd September 2014 - Category: Tech and Computers

AKA, the Sandisk Cruiser Extreme.


This is the Sandisk Cruiser Extreme 64gb on USB 2!


Notice how on random small file writes and reads it beats out this 2TB hard disk. The HDD is not a bad model, its a Samsung I’ve had for years. That’s just on USB 2.

What about USB 3?


This is insane. Only on 512MB writes does the hard disk even have a chance. On everything else its destroyed.

What about an early SSD?


Ah now we see. It fairs very well, but just can’t the random reads of the Kingston 96GB SSD. Its trounced by a modern SSD, even a VFM one like the MX100.

However by every other metric the Sandisk Cruiser Extreme is the fastest flash drive I have EVER seen.

Oh and BTW here is the slowest 64GB USB stick Sandisk make.



More Diskmark Stats

20th September 2014 - Category: Tech and Computers

Back in 2012 I did some benchmarks of my SD cards and SSD. I did some more today in preparation for a review for GPFault.


Batman Begins promotional 128mb USB flash drive


Random make 1GB USB flash drive


The big disappointment, Sandisk Cruiser Blade 64GB USB flash drive


Crucial MX100 512GB SSD on my X58 based motherboard.

Keepass Plugins

13th September 2014 - Category: Tech and Computers


I use Keepass 2 and Bittorrent Sync for my password management.

My fav plugins for Windows at the moment are: Favicon Downloader and KPEnhancedEntryView. The former allows me to download fav icons and make my keepass easier to navigate. The later just makes it easier to make quick edits.

My preferred Android client is Keepass2Android, mainly because of the keyboard integration.

Fun with Fritz

27th July 2014 - Category: Tech and Computers


Man there is so many options in the Fritz Box. Really like the Wi-Fi scheduling.

Started a Tumblr Blog

23rd July 2014 - Category: Life,Web Design & Accessibility

It’s just for stuff I like on Tumblr, so no new content.