Windows Vista is pretty good

It seems like Vista has a bad rap these days. I really feel kinda sorry for Microsoft as they seem to be unable to do right. When they don’t have security, people whine about not having security. When they do, people whine about security features. When you only have XP, people whine that it’s old and is kinda tired. When they have XP and Vista, they whine on about how Microsoft shouldn’t have bothered as XP was good enough.

It works for me, but I had built my own PC from nothing but brand name parts. It wasn’t expensive at all. People these days buy sub-£300 PCs and complain about the quality. Well duh! you pay for what you get, I don’t see you driving a Lada or eating nothing but Tesco’s Value food. You want something that works well, pay for it, it doesn’t have to be expensive just be made to a good standard.