Itch I can't scratch

Hi Folks! Do you ever have a tech itch you can’t scratch?

I really feel like buying a new device, but there are so many shiny objects to choose.

I really fancy going HD, but I have yet to find a TV I would be happy with and I have no idea when Freesat is going to go live for HD broadcasts. I would ideally like some sort of nice all in one solution like a PS3+PlayTV that uses Freesat rather than Freeview. That way I would have HD games, HD TV and HD Video all in one solution. I’d probably get a nice surround sound setup, either a descreet Logitech system or a components system. I am no audiophile though so really all this multi hundred pound systems are a waste on me.

I have never owned a laptop, but the buses I commute on now offer power outlets and free wifi so a nice little EeePC would be a great addition to my bag. I’ve allways like the 12″ Apple G4s so something nice an portable would go down great.

My Mp3 Player died recently, it was a little trooper. Costing around £70 and 20GB in size it really spoiled me, so  I am aghast at the tied in or size deficient players now available. What the hell has happened to the MP3 player market? I thought it was now uncool to be tied in to one system? I fancy one of the new Sony players, but the Bluetooth and noise canceling seem to have bumped the price up :/