Goodbye Emusic

Aiwa AM-NX9 Vs Sony MZ-N710 Front Oh well that’s it. I have left Emusic, I joined in August 2007 and I feel I have had my money’s worth. Going indy music only has forced me to try new things and has affected my musical tastes. The two key tastes that Emusic promoted in me was electronic and goth/heavy rock. I now listen to  Jean Michele Jarre, Future Prophets, Astral Projection and the like more. I liked the genre before, but buying from Emusic skewed me toward these lines. I also listen to a lot more Nightwish, Masterplan and Sonata Artica than I did before. I, like my sister, prefer real singing to just shouting so I am not quite a death mosher. Having said that I am not adverse to the odd head bounce or toe tap.

Times have changed, Amazon and the like offer affordable MP3 music now. Also I have gotten fatigue, I think I need a couple of months to saviour the music I have rather than get another 40 tracks to riffle through. Another reason I left is there isn’t anything left I wanted to buy.