Tornado Dry an nice gadget for flat owners

I live in a maisonette, basically a flat or apartment with it’s own front door. Benefits like not having to buzz people in and so on. Although I have a rather nicely sized two bed, I find in the darker months dry clothes to be a real problem. This winter I had a problem where I was using up clothes faster than I could wash and dry them. I am single working guy so I can’t take advantage of drying days during the week (I have my own garden). However I have no space for a Tumble Dryer.

Enter the Tornado Dry I saw this gadget mentioned whilst looking for table top tumblers. It was far cheaper than any tumbler and promised high efficiency drying to (I do like my Eco products). Frankly it does exactly what it says on the tin. One thing I have noticed that negatively impacts dry is heavy loading of it. To the point that half loading it seems to dry clothes in less than half the time. One benefit over tumble dryers is that you can check on how dry the clothes are whilst it is running. The timer works well. It does vent a lot of moist hot air, so I shut it in the Kitchen and open the window when I am running it.