The Gerbils are down, but not out

Gerbil’s motorbike

I got a voice mail Saturday evening from my good friend James, I could tell by the tone of his voice something was up. I called back and he is in A&E in Dunfermline. Oh s@!? I can hear James OK, he is explaining that himself and the missus, Susan, are alive, but have been in a bike crash. Oh s@!? I can hear Susan in the background, phew! He asks me to pop around to the hospital as soon as I can. I am round a friend’s, so I jump in the Batmobile and head on home to wait for the call to pick them up. I call them from home and head on up to Dunf to see the damage.

Now as a friend my first thoughts are thank goodness they are alive, my next thoughts are for how I can help. I freaks me out now that I have time to think how I feel, but that pails in comparison to how all involved must feel and have felt.

I wish them a speedy recovery and so should you. I have never known such a motivated couple in my life, they have done a lot for the community and good causes of the years, and it is a privilege to call them my friends.

Please head on over to their blogs for the full accounts and to show your support.

The Gerbils are down, but not out.