The Curious Case of PlayTV and Aerials

 Words can not describe how weird my TV signal is. I live close to a very good transmitter, with immediate line of sight being just blocked by the cusp of a hill. I also live very far away from (30 miles) from another transmitter, but with perfect line of sight. This means I get one strong, but incomplete spectrum of signals combined with another complete, but weak set of signals.

I have a HUGE loft aerial, that can only fit in certain angles due to its 1.5+ metre length. I always used to use this pointed roughly at the weak, but complete transmitter. This works for my Samsung TV’s DVB-T and my old dual DVB-S/T set top box.

My dream is a three plug home setup; 42″ Plasma, PS3 and Home Cinema amp/speakers. For maximum simplicity. The amp should never have to change source, the TV never change source either.
Now and then I will plug in a 4th device, currently an Xbox 360. PVRing should be achievable via one mains socket, so I can switch everything else off.

As mentioned, I have a crazy TV signal. I have tweaked and tweaked my loft aerial and I always end up loosing a channel I don’t want to, annoyingly the channels I couldn’t care about are persistently hanging on. I am now either using an enormous aerial or a very small one. I bought a DVB-T stick a while back, it came with a tiny aerial with a magnet in the base. If I connect that up to the bare metal joint in my front window I get all the channels I want, aside from Dave (but I get Dave Deja Vu). I bought a £5 aerial, that didn’t work as well, but is enough for my spare room TV.

Gah, at least it works.