Nooo!Driving into work on a slippery Tuesday and the car in front of the car in front slams on the brakes to get into a side road. Unfortunately Audi A6s brake faster than Pumas even with ABS. I didn’t damage his car, bar a scratch. My bumper has been pushed in and the bar behind bent until it touches the radiator heatsink. For the record this is the first time I have ever phoned an insurer for anything other than a quote. I have been driving 6 years.

In better news I now have a working Fridge Freezer. It seems like the time for things to go wrong 🙁

I am glad though that no one was hurt. James and Susan are just recovering from a bike crash and it makes me value what didn’t happen all the more.

I have joined Project Puma, they are welcoming and very helpful. So if like me you own a Puma get a long there now!