Star Trek: The Reboot

 I have made no efforts to hide my disappointment after seeing the Star Trek reboot at the cinema. I really didn’t like it. However in an effort to be fair after my recent revisit of the other films I sat down and watched it again.

Taken as entertainment it is ok. I found it to be a bit like an American kid’s cartoon or Transformers 2, frenetic and a bit much. Nothing has space to breath, all ideas good and bad seem to be chucked in to fill airtime.

For it’s time the Star Trek series did try to step things forward, moving beyond the pulp Science Fiction of Flash Gordon and building on the work of the Forbidden Planet. You had an international, interracial, intergalactic and interspecies crew. Bare in mind the controversy at the time of a Russian on-board and a female officer on the bridge.

Old Star Trek had gotten stale. It was by the numbers and re-treading old or unwelcome ideas. I think I was hoping something on a par with the BSG reboot with more mainstream appeal.

Really what we got was something that back peddled to Buck Rogers. Women are back to being love interests only and science takes a back seat to fiction. Add on a Pimp my Ride level of subtlety and any good ideas are swamped by candy floss. The start of the film felt so good to me that the rest feels all the more criminal. Wasted Potential, Vacuous and Shallow in the whole 3/10