When you are all right and all wrong

 In my opinion that is a lot of truck placed in either the next big thing or we’ve always done it this way so why change. Look at the anger and debate of the whole concept of a ‘Post PC era’ or an end to native apps. It is ludicrous.

As computing has evolved not only have the existing machines gotten faster, but lower and lower end devices have become computing systems. The same goes for access to computing content. Computers used to be the size of rooms and only governments or very large firms could afford them. Now when the desktop PC became the next big thing it was said that those old room size machines were relics of a bygone age. However this just isn’t true, the servers we use to Google things are the size of rooms and we couldn’t afford them. When windowing OSs came out that was allegedly the death of command line. However most of the world’s internet infrastructure is still command line driven and what is Google search if not a command line interface for the internet.

The more devices we have that are computers, the blurrier the lines become until eventually a term like ‘smart’ added to the start of a device category is redundant. I’d say the ‘digital’ in ‘digital camera’ is now redundant. Like wise we will have ‘smart wallets’, ‘digital bus stops’ and so on, but in the end the redundancy will disappear, but the forms will not. Just because a new form comes along, it does not invalidate the old form, but it might invalidate a version or model.