Which Car?

I need a replacement car, the 323F just doesn’t cut it anymore. Here are my current options:

BMW Mini One

Mini One/Cooper 1.6, yes you read correctly.
Pros: Wheel in every corner, 4 seats, has some style, quite nippy
Cons: more a German tribute act than genuine article, mumsy

Hyundai Coupe 2.0
Pros: looks nice, similar driving position to my 323F and Puma, RWD
Cons: Wee bit nedish, RWD in snow, not that economical, long

Smart ForFour CDI 96hp
Pros: Economical, Wheels tight to back bumper, nicely designed interior (not bland), not afraid of colour.
Cons: Kinda ugly light cluster, rare as hens teeth

Others? please comment. Must have: personality, cost no more than £3500.

Update 1

Bryan asks why the 323F isn’t cutting it no more:

  • Central locking doesn’t work in that good time and I have one key only
  • Gear box is a bit temperamental/clutch
  • Can’t get out of my street in winter (lighter cars can)
  • Scratched to hell windscreen is hard to see out of during low angle sunlight
  • Not that easy to park

Must haves for the new car:

  • Some character inside and out
  • As good performance or better than the 1.5l 323F
  • 4 wheels
  • No bigger than the 323F
  • Some luxury/mod cons
  • Nice to drive
  • Not a high seating position (no 4x4s)
  • Similar fuel economy than 323F (in theory)
  • No more than £3500

Other cars I have looked at:

  • Yaris, didn’t like the dials/position
  • SportKa, I’ve had two Fords from that line and I’d like something new, but it is a backup

Update 2

Thanks to information from long time owner Amanda, I now know the Mini has no spare wheel at all. So you have to buy run flat tyres.

This fires it down the list.