Which Car Part 2

I went out and had a look at cars at the weekend.

Mazda RX8

I’ve always liked RX8s ever since I saw one in X Men 1. I think I still have photo’s of them from various angles in my wallpaper folder. This example is generally very nice, but as with all Mazdas I have seen the alloys are corroded. Lovely colour though and if it wasn’t for the drinking of fuel I’d get one in a heart beat. I just love the design of these, but I am not sure I could live with one.

Hyundai Coupe 2.0

This is a generally nice example, I have a thing for blue cars and this understated dark blue looks nice. Has some scratches around the door lock and some mold on the window sills. However it doesn’t have the rust around the petrol cap I have seen on other examples. Really quite nice.

BMW 316ti ES

I know BMW owners don’t have the best rep, certainly not 3 series owners. However my Dad’s mate Sandy has 3 and looks after them himself. He’s a really nice chap. Even this base model seems quite nicely appointed. Same size as the HC, shouldn’t be to bad for fuel being a 1.6.

Mazda MX5

I like Mazdas if I was to get a soft top like the MX5 I would buy an after market hard top so it can be driven in winter and that the soft top doesn’t get ripped by snow.

Ford Focus ST170

Looks 95% like a normal Focus, not ned-ed up at all. Nice on the interior, not amazing, really just a high spec Focus, rather than something super special. I was really tempted, but I realised how big the Focus felt.


A lot of nice cars. I still have an urge for something small and nimble, but it’s very hard to have a luxury-ish car and small at the same time. I prefer the seating height and position in the 323F to being up to high. The Focus felt a little odd because of this. If you are wondering where all the warm hatches are here is a round up. Lupo/Arosa Sport there aren’t any around, YarisT Sport don’t like the Yaris dash layout at all, Sport Ka I just don’t know. Also there is not Aygo T Sport and the Twingo GT is out of my price range.