Me on 3D Games

VirtualBoy CenitI think 3D gaming has it’s place, much like with films. But to me both are ‘niche’ versions of their media. Just like everything shouldn’t be Move or everything shouldn’t be played through a guitar controller.

The current consoles just about do 720p at 30fps in mainline games. We can’t even do 1080p 60fps in all but the rarest games. Adding the 3D gimmick to games makes them worse in most cases, when the power on the console isn’t doubled to compensate.

Also having watched Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D and 2D Bluray I can tell you that 3D seems to destroy a lot of detail. Most games have an element of precision in them, adding flickery/polarised glasses makes them harder to see. You loose to much to gain too little.

Also 3D is just unpopular. An unnamed competitor’s 3D hand held hasn’t sold, all of the TV manufacturers have posted losses because 3D and smart TVs haven’t sold.

The only area that had any positive response to 3D is the PC market. For two main reasons: You can just add another graphics card and get perfect 3D performance and 3D monitors double up as 120hz/120fps monitors. In both cases their are no compromises and plenty of benefits.

Also 3D isn’t 3D. The Stereoscopic effect only hooks into one of many visual indicators of depth. You can’t focus on one area, because the film camera has done the work for you and you brain can flip out trying to focus.

Saying the current implementation is true 3D is as true as a virtual controller on a touch screen, i.e. no where near the real thing.

3D as it is now is just the same gimmick we had in the 80s and 50s, a passing fad with a few niche applications.