Ainol Novo 7 ELF

 Here we are again. It feels like ages ago that I ordered a Ainol Novo 7 Aurora. I was really hung up on getting a 7″ IPS display tablet. The answer to my dreams. However it was not to be. So I have kept an eye on the market. I wasn’t that bothered by the Ainol Novo 7 ELF when the Aurora was only £10-20 more and was IPS VS TN. However as the months have rolled on, and my Acer Liquid hasn’t gotten younger, my need for some sort of portable computing device has increased. I started looking at Netbooks and used Laptops to get me by. In this light the ELF seems like a good option. So I hit the ebays and plonked down £90. I should arrive late this week, early next. It is near identical to the spec of the Aurora, just with a heavier case and TN screen.

p.s. when I say heavier I mean: Aurora 300g, ELF 350g, Archos 80 450g, iPad 600g and Vega 750g.