I am still alive

I haven’t blogged in nearly 3 months. I don’t visit that often anymore and I am not sure what the value of this page is at the moment.

So on to the updates


I purchased a Lenovo X61 from SCH Trade and I am rocking Linux Mint 14 KDE on it. It makes a good Netbook replacement. Core2 is fine for most surfing and email use. My one was £80 all in, £66 for the Laptop and £14 for the PSU. I would say that whilst very well designed the X61 uses, it doesn’t have a touch pad. For some people this a is a deal breaker.  For those of you that want something with a pad, try the X200 or X300. Again they will kick the pants off of any netbook and the newer models might even have the OEM Windows 7 Code on them.


My tablet was on lend to my Sister and her BF to try. They liked it a lot, although single core and tablet mode isn’t that slick with Android 4.0. I would recommend that Android tablet buyers always buy dual core. That said they got a dual core IPS 7″ tablet for £80. The Allwinner and MTK chips are very cheap and powerful these days.

I also managed to semi-brick it by installing the V3 firmware when I have the V2. Simple reflash did it. Need to set up the spoof as a Samsung in order to get all my Apps. Guess Ainol isn’t a household name 😉


The Mazda 3 is a very nice car, if you have a family. I am just a smidge bored by it. I am sure there are some truely dull cars out there. I think I might switch to something small and fun again. In the mean time I have a good car to rely on. Got a leaflet for a local scrape fixer, so might get that one on mine fixed before sale.


Whilst Skyrim is still on the roster I am back out at Glasgow working and this leaves less time for PC gaming. I have started the Citadel DLC for ME3, which is nice, but someone really needs to fix those car models (yuck!). Bought some RPGs for my Android devices, one a dungeon crawler like the old faux-First Person ones by Westwood. Another is a JRPG by Kemco that was on sale for 99p. So far touch controls suck.


Well if I could get out of my funk, I might take some photos. The Alpha a330 isn’t going anywhere, I can’t be bothered to sell it. However if I ever go on a real holiday I will just buy a decent compact, lugging a DSLR around is no fun for me. So I end up without a camera to hand. My phone is good, but the autofocus is slower than Canon’s live view.


Linux Mint is perfectly good as a day to day OS. KDE is odd, it always feels like an extra step to do everything. However I don’t feel patronized by it. I’ve read a few posts by David Revoy, he got me interested in Krita and Karbon, but my Laptop isn’t ideal to run those. Unlike Firefox, these are best run under Linux. The ports to Windows are not nearly as nice.