Max Keyboard Sampler Pack

Bought myself a Max Keyboard Sampler Pack. It is very handy, mechanical keyboards are expensive compared to membrane keyboards. Cherry MX switches are very popular, although not the only switches. However they come in many flavours or rather colours.

So far I think I like MX Browns with O-Rings the most, probably Reds second, Blacks and Blues bringing up the rear. I found the Blacks to be too heavy and the Blues too noisy. The Reds are a smidge light. I prefer the Reds and Browns with O-Rings as this reduces the clack as they bottom out and makes them a smidge shorter to travel.

To be honest I have a very nice membrane keyboard, Its a Dell multimedia board and the key action is quite like a budget version of the Browns, there is a satisfying bump on the way down. Better than those plinky plonky chicklet boards.

Now to pick a board…