Opera to Maxthon Switch 1

Opera 12 is still one of my all time favourite browsers, but its rendering engine is much slower and was in need of an upgrade. However the rest of it was awesome. It was a nice browser to come home to. However Opera saw fit to replace a Swiss Army Knife with a Spoon! It’s gotten mildy better, but you essentially have a spork now.

My day job is UI design. I use Firefox as my go to dev browser, with Firebug it is just somehow slicker than any other solution, it is also very tolerant of stupid corporate networks. However it feels like a bag of bolts glued together as a browsing browser.

Above should be a quick run down of my Maxthon setup.

Now to get it to look like this I had to get the latest Beta from the Maxthon forum and then found a link in a thread to the Chinese forum to get a nice new theme. The sidebar looks stuck on by default. I really hope the old Maxthon 3 Creative Suite theme gets ported, that was genuinely nice to use.

I’m going to do a series of blog posts about this, explaining some work arounds and some brick walls using Maxthon (4 aka Cloud {urgh!} Browser) Vs Opera 12.

P.S. the term Cloud needs to die face down in a ditch. Its nothing but a stupid marketing ploy for internet services. The Internet brings to mind 4Chan and goatsies and spam. So they gave it a make over and called it the ‘Cloud’. Its still the same old internet, now with fluffy marketing speak.