Opera to Maxthon Switch 2

The top image is from Opera 12 and the bottom from Maxthon 4. As you can see Maxthon only allows you to search on what ever search engine you last used.

This can be really annoying as you might have been wanting to look for a price before and than a video the next second.

The work around is this:

First delete all search engines except Maxthon Multisearch.

Then edit up a good list of search engines in Multisearch settings. You can copy the lines directly from you Opera searches.ini. (especially as the defaults are for the USA)

Then when you search Multisearch will do your prefered engine first, but also give you a menu for other engines. This isn’t as elegant as Opera, but its far better than the tom foolery from before.

Whilst were at it here is a wee request for Maxthon. Please make adding to Search and Multisearch as easy as Opera 12.

Notice how easy it is to add a search in Opera? in Maxthon you must visit the site, then do a search, say _http://www.bit-tech.net/search?q=test_ and then change it into a search string _http://www.bit-tech.net/search?q=%us_ or _http://www.bit-tech.net/search?q=s_