The beast enters

AKA, the Sandisk Cruiser Extreme.

30.77MB/s seq write, 7.982MB/s random write

This is the Sandisk Cruiser Extreme 64gb on USB 2!

111.5MB/s seq write, 5.733MB/s random write

Notice how on random small file writes and reads it beats out this 2TB hard disk. The HDD is not a bad model, its a Samsung I’ve had for years. That’s just on USB 2.

What about USB 3?

174.1MB/s seq write, 9.108MB/s random write

This is insane. Only on 512MB writes does the hard disk even have a chance. On everything else its destroyed.

What about an early SSD?

136.1MB/s seq write, 68.99MB/s random write

Ah now we see. It fairs very well, but just can’t the random reads of the Kingston 96GB SSD. Its trounced by a modern SSD, even a VFM one like the MX100.

However by every other metric the Sandisk Cruiser Extreme is the fastest flash drive I have EVER seen.

Oh and BTW here is the slowest 64GB USB stick Sandisk make.

5.678MB/s seq write, 0.645MB/s random write