PS2 to the rescue

As you know I am one of those weirdos running Windows 7 on Ryzen.

One of the issues with Win7 and more modern boards is USB. They switched around the Z170 era to newer way of connecting to it. Suffice to say by default Windows 7 so maybe at its lowest level does not support USB in its lowest levels.

So I had an issue today, I couldn’t get Win7 to boot and the boot repair util couldn’t see any USB devices. Doh!

Option ‘A’ would be to see if the UEFI supports some sort of faking of usb devices as PS2 or legacy USB. Option ‘B’ would be to plonk in an actual PS2 mouse or keyboard. Lastly Option ‘C’ I did setup a recovery partition for such a rainy day.

I ended using Option ‘B’. One of my many half started projects is modernising an Amiga A600 I have. I like the A600 as it is a tenkeyless version of the A1200 visual design, which is my favourite Amiga. I am keeping my A1200 exactly as it was in the 90s.

Long story short one of the best optical mice (in my opinion) is the Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB and PS2 (stay snappy MS). Its beige like the electronics of the day so matches my lovely A600. However it contains the built in circuitry to make use of simple PS2 adapters. I have one spare. So it was a simple job to just grab the adapter and start up Win7 recovery and jobs a good’n.

How does this relate to my A600? well I could get a very complicated Amiga to USB HID adapter, but what you can get is an Amiga to PS2 over USB adapter. this makes the whole thing much neater and easier.