Steam VR

23rd March 2016 - Category: Games

The image below is the results from the Steam VR test, whilst nice to know I didn’t like the amount of noise I got from my card as it was maxxed out at 99% usage. The coil whine and fans made it sound like a card in pain.


Now VR is an interesting one, you will more than likely have headphones on, so this would be negated to a large degree. I do feel like we are far from crushing VR to the point that it is always smooth. The Steam test is on a Source Engine test and whilst still nice that is an engine I first saw on my AGP ATi 9600 back in the earilish 2000s. It really gives me pause.

Armor for Ladies in Skyrim

12th April 2014 - Category: Games

I’ve played Skyrim a lot. Not as much these days, but I do like to follow Top5 Skyrim Mods by Cam and Seb at Gamespot.

They were asked by a viewer to cover some more female armors, in particular super hero costumes.

I’m more into immersion myself, so I thought I would post my favourite armours for the ladies.

Now I tend to play as a male character in Skyrim because of the first person view, but you can have Housecarls, hirelings and companions. Skyrim is a nordic and windswept place. So I tend to dislike the skimpy armors on my travel companions. Serana kind of gets away with it as she is undead and so cold is moot. Even then I want armor to, you know, be armor.

My first choice is the Crimson Ranger Armor with the black textures.ScreenShot7

As you can see It’s my No 1 choice for Jenassa, as she is always chatting about striking from shadows, shown here with zzjay and Grace Darklings Hoods with hairs. [Also available for male characters]

I really like some of the vanilla armors as well.

Stand outs are: 2012-11-17_00001

For Jenassa again the Elven Armor, but the Thalmor version by CaBaL120. 2013-01-01_00006

For Lydia Orcish again by CaBaL120 and…ScreenShot33

Nordic Carved also by CaBaL120. I know the Above is Jenassa, but bare with me. You can find these retextures in the Book of Silence. I am playing a male battle mage at the moment. He’s a Breton so slightly short and not that strong. When I need warrior backing me up I bring Lydia along. I have her modded to be tall even for a Nord. So she has a Brienne of Tarth thing going on.

Armors to also consider.

Fur Huntress by Killer Keo, now Keo is renown for doing skimpy versions of armours and that’s why I think his most immersive work has been overlooked. His fans don’t like it as its pretty much fully covered and immersion fans wouldn’t know to look at his stuff. It looks great for a hunter play through and genuinely looks like it was made from furs and leather in game.

Templar Set by Mancika is an interesting one. Even in the sets above, there is still the fact that they look a bit boob armour-ish. Not that realistic. I’d say they are 1:1 with the Skyrim lore. However if you want armour that could stop a double handed sword I think this is the one. Perhaps the choice for a Lady Van Nord. [Also available for male characters]

Lustmord Vampire Armor by AmethistDeceiver is on the other side, it does have a cleavage window, but then again all vanilla vampire armor do, its very configurable and has a sans-window option, whilst keeping the fem-fatale look. [Also available for male characters]

Incase you were wondering

3rd December 2013 - Category: Games


Yep still playing Skyrim…

On my purple flaming spectral horse!

Genius Maurus

27th July 2013 - Category: Games,Tech and Computers

DSC01514 (1280x902)

Really nice so far. Nice mouse for small handed palm gripers. The glossy, but the sides are like a soft touch, but not too strong. Missing my Logitech microgear wheel, but they have a patent on that. Pretty nice click from the Omron switches. Rumour is it has an Avago 3090 sensor. It is ambidextrous so works for lefties too. It has thumb and pinky rests.

My one complaint is that it is only has single side buttons, pairs would have made it better for surfing. That said the single buttons are in ideal places to be hit by thumbs, but not accidentally it by pinkies.

Software is ok, do problems so far. Very reasonable price for a gaming mouse. Not too garish, it does have lights, but they are white and can turned up and down. It is monochrome otherwise, so would look pretty nice on a subtle, but not boring gaming rig.

More from Skyrim

2nd January 2013 - Category: Games




Just in case you were worried I might not make the 300 hour mark ><

Asus HD7950 DirectCU II Top

16th November 2012 - Category: Games,Tech and Computers

This card is a mouth full to say and more than one in size.

Old GTX 560 TiHD 7950 Vs GTX 560 TiHD 7950 Fitted

As you can see it is substantially larger than my less than svelt EVGA GTX 560 Ti. The 560 is a great card. Frankly if I had just bought the 2GB version I would not own the Asus 7950 right now.

Why did I buy it? Skyrim. I have spent frankly insane amount of time in Skyrim and I am on my 2nd play through and loving it as much as day one. However I love mods and going over 1GB of ram is far too easily done with some texture packs.

Also longer term I hope we can get away from crappy low PPI displays and up to around 125PPI+ screens. Really 1440P at 23” or 24”  would be fine by me. However that extra res needs more grunt and now I have that.

Raw numbers from Uningine’s DirectX 11 Benchmark :

Uningine’s DirectX 11 Benchmark
FPS Score Min FPS Max FPS
GTX 560 Ti 67.2 1694 26.6 136.0
HD 7950 102.0 2569 37.9 182.5

Where the 7950 really comes into its own is bandwidth, there is always more in the tank.

That’s why Skyrim can look like this:



This one is with the Jasmin 4.9 Real ENB

Sod it I am no good at Evil

31st August 2012 - Category: Games


That’s it I give up. I have tried to be evil in Skyrim. I even joined the Dark Brotherhood. The evil guys get amazing weapons and armours, but really I am just a nice helpful guy. I wanted to try the other side in my second play through, but I just don’t enjoy it.

I think I will have to maybe try a different character class instead rather than an alignment.

Sorry Ashram, game over.

Wishing you were here?

20th May 2012 - Category: Games

Lydia saying nothing againWelcome to my humble homeRuin with a view

Skyrim can be very pretty at times, however the mod community’s additions are amazing. However even my GTX 560 Ti struggles with some of the amazing additions. This is a game you could mod out to tax even a GTX 690 with.

Currently on 75 hours >< OH DEAR

Set Top Boxes UI Backwater

2nd December 2011 - Category: Design,Games,Tech and Computers

EchoStar HDS-600RSI just picked up a new set top box. It’s the Echostar HDS-600RS. In terms of features the box is amazing and compared to it’s conventional peers it is pretty good and responsive. However I am not used to normal set top boxes anymore.

For over 2 years I’ve been running PlayTV for my PS3. I unfortunately live in a low signal area and years after launch no HD or Sat HD version is on it’s way. I’ve seen my mates VM Tivo and I thought I was prepared for the massive backward step in interface PVRs have even today.

Really I am not, I have gotten used to things just happening quickly and beautifully. Why in all these years is there not a decent PVR platform that doesn’t require a PS3 or a full blown PC to run is beyond me. Seriously how slow and laggy are these boxes, no wonder people are leaving TV. The devices they use to access TV are RUBBISH.

As much I didn’t like the guy, Steve Jobs would never stand for this shit. Hell Bill Gates didn’t either and neither did Sony. Why the hell can’t Humax, Echostar or Samsung get their asses in gear and bring out a Android/Linux/WindowsEmdded/Meego box? Slap in a half decent ARM CPU, wifi and tuners and booom!

But no, it’s like they want Apple to come in and take all of their stuff.

Me on 3D Games

11th November 2011 - Category: Games

VirtualBoy CenitI think 3D gaming has it’s place, much like with films. But to me both are ‘niche’ versions of their media. Just like everything shouldn’t be Move or everything shouldn’t be played through a guitar controller.

The current consoles just about do 720p at 30fps in mainline games. We can’t even do 1080p 60fps in all but the rarest games. Adding the 3D gimmick to games makes them worse in most cases, when the power on the console isn’t doubled to compensate.

Also having watched Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D and 2D Bluray I can tell you that 3D seems to destroy a lot of detail. Most games have an element of precision in them, adding flickery/polarised glasses makes them harder to see. You loose to much to gain too little.

Also 3D is just unpopular. An unnamed competitor’s 3D hand held hasn’t sold, all of the TV manufacturers have posted losses because 3D and smart TVs haven’t sold.

The only area that had any positive response to 3D is the PC market. For two main reasons: You can just add another graphics card and get perfect 3D performance and 3D monitors double up as 120hz/120fps monitors. In both cases their are no compromises and plenty of benefits.

Also 3D isn’t 3D. The Stereoscopic effect only hooks into one of many visual indicators of depth. You can’t focus on one area, because the film camera has done the work for you and you brain can flip out trying to focus.

Saying the current implementation is true 3D is as true as a virtual controller on a touch screen, i.e. no where near the real thing.

3D as it is now is just the same gimmick we had in the 80s and 50s, a passing fad with a few niche applications.