JavaScript Buttonator by QuHno

10th November 2011 - Category: Internet,Tech and Computers

buttonatorI use Opera at home. It doesn’t work so great in our corporate network at work, but lovely at home.

However there are two services I like to use; Zootool and Amazon Universal Wish List.

Rather than just drag the button to the side, I copy the link text and use QuHno’s Buttonator to make Opera integrated buttons. In the screenshot above I use the Star for Zootool Lasso and the Plus Sign for Amazon. This keeps them discreet, but always accessible.

When you are all right and all wrong

12th October 2011 - Category: Internet,Tech and Computers

Black magic In my opinion that is a lot of truck placed in either the next big thing or we’ve always done it this way so why change. Look at the anger and debate of the whole concept of a ‘Post PC era’ or an end to native apps. It is ludicrous.

As computing has evolved not only have the existing machines gotten faster, but lower and lower end devices have become computing systems. The same goes for access to computing content. Computers used to be the size of rooms and only governments or very large firms could afford them. Now when the desktop PC became the next big thing it was said that those old room size machines were relics of a bygone age. However this just isn’t true, the servers we use to Google things are the size of rooms and we couldn’t afford them. When windowing OSs came out that was allegedly the death of command line. However most of the world’s internet infrastructure is still command line driven and what is Google search if not a command line interface for the internet.

The more devices we have that are computers, the blurrier the lines become until eventually a term like ‘smart’ added to the start of a device category is redundant. I’d say the ‘digital’ in ‘digital camera’ is now redundant. Like wise we will have ‘smart wallets’, ‘digital bus stops’ and so on, but in the end the redundancy will disappear, but the forms will not. Just because a new form comes along, it does not invalidate the old form, but it might invalidate a version or model.

Sites I Recommend: Design Fabulous

6th December 2010 - Category: Design,Internet


Opera… Because you’re worth it!

3rd March 2010 - Category: Internet,Tech and Computers

Opera, my browser of choice.

MS CMS 2001 Error trying to add file

1st February 2010 - Category: Internet,Work

I don’t like to post work stuff, but really there is no support left from MS CMS 2001 and I am sure there must be at least one other person out there that needs help with it.

After some searching we found that the KB944338 patch for Windows 2000 Server caused CMS 2001 to no longer support adding of files to the shared resources or be able to edit templates.

A simple uninstall of this one patch will restore functionality.

Migration Tip for MS CMS 2001 or MCMS 2002

18th December 2009 - Category: Internet,Work

OK, I generally don’t talk work here, but there is so little content on the web for MS CMS 2001 (or MCMS or Microsoft Content Management Server 2001/2002) that I felt I should post this migration tip for those that want to move to another system (it is 8 to 9 years old).

In Site Manager export all you content as a .ROP file. At first this seems like a useless binary file. In reality it is just a .CAB archive. You should select all your resources, channels, folders and templates when you export. The cab will then have your templates in plain text (.AEM), your files loose in the archive and a huge .XML of all of your content. Yay everything packaged up and ready to go.

Good luck with the rest!


17th December 2009 - Category: Internet

Have been reading Interesting to note that IE 6 was the first browser to ever complete ACID 1 and that IE8 the first IE to pass ACID 2.

What is more interesting are these simple facts:

  • Once the majority of current browsers pass the current ACID test a new one is created to challenge the existing browers (eg break)
  • IE typically requires 2 versions to get there: IE3toIE4=beatNetscape, IE5toIE6=Acid1, IE7toIE8=ACID2.
  • Safari is similar, but iterates more with around 3 versions
  • Firefox is higher still around 4 versions (inc mozilla suite)
  • Opera itterates to an insane degree. Opera 4 was ACID1 compliant, 9 was ACID2.

However not all is equal, IE used to iterate on a Safari/Firefox timetable, however MS stopped work when it was under investigation. So IE6to7 took AGES.

My predictions:

  • IE9 will have some support for CSS3 and HTML. Odd numbered IE’s are typically ‘application’ releases that add support in a rough manner. Even are usually polish releases that make sure it hangs together tightly. IE10 will be the ACID3 release.
  • Safari will benefit heavily from Apple’s trail blazing of CSS3 and the contribution from other webkit browsers (Chrome, thousands of mobile browsers)
  • Firefox would continue at its own pace, but pressure from Safari and Chrome will keep it honest and in time.
  • Opera will iterate like hell, will support ACID3 within a year or Saf/FF, whilst adding features no one will know they will want until they are in the other browsers 😉

Far to many social networks

7th October 2009 - Category: Internet,Life

Seriously, there are hundreds of fricken social networks. I think all of my friends do at least one social network the others don’t.

I currently do:

I have given up on quite a few over the years, because they either don’t gel with me or I found I never use them. Most are inactive, but I fully left the MySpace.

What do you do and why?

Also related check out these funky little social network icons!

I wish they made PSN IDs smaller

6th October 2009 - Category: Games,Internet

They are huge and don’t fit in the sidebar or posts! 🙁

Update: Or you can switch off Trophies, silly me.

My First Ever Web Video

29th July 2009 - Category: Internet,Tech and Computers,Watching

For Matt at Bumpy Trails

Also Windows Live Writer is sooo good.