Which Car Part 2

24th October 2011 - Category: Life

I went out and had a look at cars at the weekend.

Mazda RX8

I’ve always liked RX8s ever since I saw one in X Men 1. I think I still have photo’s of them from various angles in my wallpaper folder. This example is generally very nice, but as with all Mazdas I have seen the alloys are corroded. Lovely colour though and if it wasn’t for the drinking of fuel I’d get one in a heart beat. I just love the design of these, but I am not sure I could live with one.

Hyundai Coupe 2.0

This is a generally nice example, I have a thing for blue cars and this understated dark blue looks nice. Has some scratches around the door lock and some mold on the window sills. However it doesn’t have the rust around the petrol cap I have seen on other examples. Really quite nice.

BMW 316ti ES

I know BMW owners don’t have the best rep, certainly not 3 series owners. However my Dad’s mate Sandy has 3 and looks after them himself. He’s a really nice chap. Even this base model seems quite nicely appointed. Same size as the HC, shouldn’t be to bad for fuel being a 1.6.

Mazda MX5

I like Mazdas if I was to get a soft top like the MX5 I would buy an after market hard top so it can be driven in winter and that the soft top doesn’t get ripped by snow.

Ford Focus ST170

Looks 95% like a normal Focus, not ned-ed up at all. Nice on the interior, not amazing, really just a high spec Focus, rather than something super special. I was really tempted, but I realised how big the Focus felt.


A lot of nice cars. I still have an urge for something small and nimble, but it’s very hard to have a luxury-ish car and small at the same time. I prefer the seating height and position in the 323F to being up to high. The Focus felt a little odd because of this. If you are wondering where all the warm hatches are here is a round up. Lupo/Arosa Sport there aren’t any around, YarisT Sport don’t like the Yaris dash layout at all, Sport Ka I just don’t know. Also there is not Aygo T Sport and the Twingo GT is out of my price range.

Which Car?

21st October 2011 - Category: Life

I need a replacement car, the 323F just doesn’t cut it anymore. Here are my current options:

BMW Mini One (1)

Mini One/Cooper 1.6, yes you read correctly.
Pros: Wheel in every corner, 4 seats, has some style, quite nippy
Cons: more a German tribute act than genuine article, mumsy

Hyundai Coupe

Hyundai Coupe 2.0
Pros: looks nice, similar driving position to my 323F and Puma, RWD
Cons: Wee bit nedish, RWD in snow, not that economical, long

Smart ForFour

Smart ForFour CDI 96hp
Pros: Economical, Wheels tight to back bumper, nicely designed interior (not bland), not afraid of colour.
Cons: Kinda ugly light cluster, rare as hens teeth

Others? please comment. Must have: personality, cost no more than £3500.

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Update 1

Bryan asks why the 323F isn’t cutting it no more:

  • Central locking doesn’t work in that good time and I have one key only
  • Gear box is a bit temperamental/clutch
  • Can’t get out of my street in winter (lighter cars can)
  • Scratched to hell windscreen is hard to see out of during low angle sunlight
  • Not that easy to park

Must haves for the new car:

  • Some character inside and out
  • As good performance or better than the 1.5l 323F
  • 4 wheels
  • No bigger than the 323F
  • Some luxury/mod cons
  • Nice to drive
  • Not a high seating position (no 4x4s)
  • Similar fuel economy than 323F (in theory)
  • No more than £3500

Other cars I have looked at:

  • Yaris, didn’t like the dials/position
  • SportKa, I’ve had two Fords from that line and I’d like something new, but it is a backup

Update 2

Thanks to information from long time owner Amanda, I now know the Mini has no spare wheel at all. So you have to buy run flat tyres.

This fires it down the list.

Rest In Peace Suzie Nutt 1994-2011

12th September 2011 - Category: Life


Much loved friend gone, but not forgotten. You could not find a nicer dog who was a mirror to us all.

New Desk(s)

29th November 2009 - Category: Life,Photography

This is my new desk setup. They are Ikea real wood kitchen work tops (lagan) with cheap Vika legs. The Base unit stand is an old shelf that was left in the flat when I moved in years ago.

Longer term I will setup something better to hide the cables than the card board box I got the work tops in. The current solution does stop me snagging cables with my feet. 🙂

Listening to Babylon 5 music takes me back

5th November 2009 - Category: Life,Music

babylon 5Back in the day Christopher Frankie the composer of the Babylon 5 music agreed to the publishing of MP3 by him from B5 and the cancelled B5 game from Sierra. Of course the RIAA couldn’t let free music on the internet, even though it was agreed to by the copyright owner and composer.

Anyways, listening to those tracks I did get, is awesome, its like its 1995 all over again. Man am I getting old.


Far to many social networks

7th October 2009 - Category: Internet,Life

Seriously, there are hundreds of fricken social networks. I think all of my friends do at least one social network the others don’t.

I currently do:

I have given up on quite a few over the years, because they either don’t gel with me or I found I never use them. Most are inactive, but I fully left the MySpace.

What do you do and why?

Also related check out these funky little social network icons!

Gah, My Walkman is gone! (found)

21st September 2009 - Category: Life,Tech and Computers

Well problems do come in threes.

Problem 1

Checking the oil levels on the Mazda I couldn’t see a tide mark. After asking everyone I know, my Dad got back from Hols and dumped a litre of oil in and the engine is ok!

Problem 2

Caught the rear passenger light when leaving the car, went to start it the next day and not doing. Used Stan’s jump starter and got it going.

Problem 3

Somewhere berween where I parked my car and Stan’s my Walkman went missing. Great just great.

I am now kicking it old skool with my NetMD. Far too big to loose.


Found It!

Updates Updates

10th July 2009 - Category: Design,Games,Life,Site News,Tech and Computers

Ok so I have been pretty lax in updating lately, sauwee!

Car Front

I purchased my Sister’s old Mazda 323. It is a nice car, though finding an unschuffed panel is pretty hard 😉 I wanted to do it up a bit, but none of the mechanically minded friends seem to think it is worth doing. Shame as tidied up they are nice looking cars. It is good to drive, better still when I swap the tyres around. The fronts are a bad mix of non-brands and treads, the backs are nice Pirelli P6000s. Joined the 323F forums they seem like a nice lot. Also mailed off my old Puma mats to a deserving member of the Puma Project forums.


My boss of 10 years left recently, it’s a real shame. I’ll miss David, but I am sure I will get on just fine with my new one. I tend not to talk work here as I keep my client’s and company’s info in confidence.


Windows 7 still rocks and I think it is the best Windows yet or at least since the XP SP2 release. Vista bashing still gets on my nerves, but as crappy security software falls by the wayside I hope 7 get the chance Vista didn’t.

Someone hit the nail on the head with the iPhone, I never quite understood why I didn’t want a StarTrek:NG level device and it all comes down to its absolute ‘I know better than you’ text prediction. This why I can type pretty much easier on my old keypad SE K800i T9 than it’s virtual keyboard. It’s all about prediction, thats why I stuck with SE over Nokia and Windows Mobile. In SE it assumes you are correct and helpfully suggests a few options. In iPhone it auto corrects you with one option which you can turn it off to get what you typed. Everything else is ok or learnable.


Looking forward to a few games, really enjoyed Mass Effect on my mate’s 360. Frankly I can see myself buying one as a Mass Effect player. he he


La Roux, nice music, but her voice is a bit weak. I Come To Shanghai, good music, but often depressing, cheer up dudes. Trance Around The World with Above and Beyond, free trance music, ta chaps.


A+! I have failed to: Buy a bike, work on the house, ask anyone on a date, buy a laptop.


Congrats to: Dave & Rosie, Jo & Chris, Neil & Gwen and David & Lorna. Woot!

John Gilmour

An awesome friend and now officially an awesome designer, congrats on the Degree Dude!

esure You Rock!

20th June 2009 - Category: Life


Calm down dear it’s a commercial!

Well yes and no, I will be singing the praises of esure, but they have not paid for this. My site hasn’t been taken over by spammer.

It is just that esure have been fantastic! really their customer services and support throught buying my last car, the claim on the accident and all the supportive information has been great.

I can always get through via phone with little hassle, they are just amazing good and friendly.

So next time you insure consider them and also consider protecting your no claims (oops!).

On the car hunt again

16th June 2009 - Category: Life

Well the Puma is gone, it was written off because of some hidden work that didn’t come up on the check I did on the car. Now I need another car. My first choice is another Puma as I did like the old one and hadn’t gotten it out of my system. Plan B might be a Seat Ibiza, Hyundai Coupe or Mazfa 323F. At this stage I may just buy what I can to get on the road again.