Listening to: Perturbator

25th January 2014 - Category: Music

The Present of Music–TRON

9th September 2010 - Category: Music

Just popped on the sound track of TRON by Wendy Carlos. Thanks also to Wendy for the photo of the CD.


My head Asplode!

7th January 2010 - Category: Music,Watching

Awesome band by the way.

The Amazing Artwork of Shusei Nagaoka

2nd January 2010 - Category: Design,Music

More of Shusei's Art

Above is one of my favourite album covers, the space station from ELO’s Out of the Blue. It was painted by Shusei Nagaoka.

James White seems to agree 🙂

Listening to Babylon 5 music takes me back

5th November 2009 - Category: Life,Music

babylon 5Back in the day Christopher Frankie the composer of the Babylon 5 music agreed to the publishing of MP3 by him from B5 and the cancelled B5 game from Sierra. Of course the RIAA couldn’t let free music on the internet, even though it was agreed to by the copyright owner and composer.

Anyways, listening to those tracks I did get, is awesome, its like its 1995 all over again. Man am I getting old.


Review of the Yamaha TSS-10 HT Sound System

4th May 2009 - Category: Music,Tech and Computers,Watching

Testing it out The Yamaha TSS series (TSS-1, TSS-10 & TSS-15) is a funny home theatre set to bracket. These days you usually get HT setups in 3 manners; PC 5.1 with no decoding, all in one DVD set or a real separates system. Now imagine a very small niche in the center of these three where the Yamaha TSS (and Sony HT-BE1) resides. It offers decoding and multiple inputs like the seperates system, the one box solution like the DVD set and the affordability of the PC 5.1 set.

It is not as powerful as a lot of other systems, but for a small living room or second room system it is ideal. The sound is good, if not amazing, but still far better than the tat they call speakers in 99% of today’s TVs. Each of the TSS series have a healthy selection of inputs, the TSS-15 is by far the best offering two opticals, one digital coax and dual phono inputs. The TSS-10 which I have lacks the coax. This is still enough to input from a PS3, 360 and Wii without changing a single cable. For the record I only own a PS3, but for serious gamers this might be a good bonus.

I have have found the TSS-10 to be easy to use and setup, its small speakers have integrated wall mounts. The remote is a simple as it gets. It supports Pro Logic, Dolby 5.1 and DTS for the stunning ebay price of £25. Frankly if you have spent hundreds on your new HD telly, why not pay up and get a wee system like this to help you enjoy it all the more.

A Little Daft Punk

26th April 2009 - Category: Music,Tech and Computers

So cute!

The not so little Daft Punk

KAM KHP1500 Pro Headphones

6th March 2009 - Category: Music,Tech and Computers

KAM KHP1500 PRO I have been looking for some closed back headphones for some time. I used to use Sennheiser PX100 headphones, but that was mainly back in the old office with quieter or no air con. In the new office I am directly below the air con and open back doesn’t cut it.

I was using CX300s for both commuting and office use. I don’t really like using the same units so often, as I am sure using plugs all day won’t do my ears any good.

Soo I started trawling the interwebs for a set of hidden gems. Hidden gems are usually produced by a company trying to break through or sells mainly in another related field and applies that excellence to their accessories.

The former would be Samsung pre or early LCD revolution. The later is KAM who specialise in DJ quipment. These folks know their stuff and seem to believe in their own brand. I heard about these headphones on Fake Headphones / Which Pair. I bought mine from Chemical Records the first pair were dead in one ear, Chemical were excellent and I ordered my replacement set from them.

The sound is very nice, they tend to take on exactly what your MP3 player output, so no EQ shannigans.

Goodbye Emusic

23rd January 2009 - Category: Music,Tech and Computers

Aiwa AM-NX9 Vs Sony MZ-N710 Front Oh well that’s it. I have left Emusic, I joined in August 2007 and I feel I have had my money’s worth. Going indy music only has forced me to try new things and has affected my musical tastes. The two key tastes that Emusic promoted in me was electronic and goth/heavy rock. I now listen to  Jean Michele Jarre, Future Prophets, Astral Projection and the like more. I liked the genre before, but buying from Emusic skewed me toward these lines. I also listen to a lot more Nightwish, Masterplan and Sonata Artica than I did before. I, like my sister, prefer real singing to just shouting so I am not quite a death mosher. Having said that I am not adverse to the odd head bounce or toe tap.

Times have changed, Amazon and the like offer affordable MP3 music now. Also I have gotten fatigue, I think I need a couple of months to saviour the music I have rather than get another 40 tracks to riffle through. Another reason I left is there isn’t anything left I wanted to buy.

I love 8-bit!

27th November 2008 - Category: Music,Tech and Computers

Blip Festival 2008: The Promo from Richard Alexander Caraballo on Vimeo.
YMCK from Ed Kroeger on Vimeo.

Kudos to Vimeo for it’s config options!