More Adventures with Minolta

6th July 2013 - Category: Life,Photography

Went out Falkland way with the family. Had me ‘new’ Minolta 35-70mm F4, aka the Baby/Mini Beercan. Really wanted to see what the Macro option is like. These are just the photos taken in jpeg without post-processing. Really dreamy. They were taken in a garden centre. You can probably make out my Dad in the green shirt in the blur of bokeh. The other photos I took are for the family only, but they look really nice too. I am very happy with my £40 purchase. The lack of range doesn’t bother me at all. I will definitely be investing in some more Minolta lenses. Probably the Beercan to replace my old kit Minolta 70-210mm.


Sample a57 photos

6th June 2013 - Category: Photography,Tech and Computers


All taken with my Minolta 50mm F1.7.

a57 Video Test

6th June 2013 - Category: Photography,Tech and Computers
Test of a57 video recording.

Quick test of the video function on the a57.

a330 Vs a57

6th June 2013 - Category: Photography,Tech and Computers


Attached are some quick and nasty shots of my new a57 and old a330.

As you can see the a57 is a bit of a big boy. However the benefits are you get a much larger battery (nearly double the kwh). So far I like focus peaking and the the steady shot is much better than before.

Also it is FAST.

However its quite a beast for a guy with small hands, I can’t reach many of the options one handed.

I am still alive

7th May 2013 - Category: Life,Photography,Tech and Computers

I haven’t blogged in nearly 3 months. I don’t visit that often anymore and I am not sure what the value of this page is at the moment.

So on to the updates


I purchased a Lenovo X61 from SCH Trade and I am rocking Linux Mint 14 KDE on it. It makes a good Netbook replacement. Core2 is fine for most surfing and email use. My one was £80 all in, £66 for the Laptop and £14 for the PSU. I would say that whilst very well designed the X61 uses, it doesn’t have a touch pad. For some people this a is a deal breaker.  For those of you that want something with a pad, try the X200 or X300. Again they will kick the pants off of any netbook and the newer models might even have the OEM Windows 7 Code on them.


My tablet was on lend to my Sister and her BF to try. They liked it a lot, although single core and tablet mode isn’t that slick with Android 4.0. I would recommend that Android tablet buyers always buy dual core. That said they got a dual core IPS 7″ tablet for £80. The Allwinner and MTK chips are very cheap and powerful these days.

I also managed to semi-brick it by installing the V3 firmware when I have the V2. Simple reflash did it. Need to set up the spoof as a Samsung in order to get all my Apps. Guess Ainol isn’t a household name 😉


The Mazda 3 is a very nice car, if you have a family. I am just a smidge bored by it. I am sure there are some truely dull cars out there. I think I might switch to something small and fun again. In the mean time I have a good car to rely on. Got a leaflet for a local scrape fixer, so might get that one on mine fixed before sale.


Whilst Skyrim is still on the roster I am back out at Glasgow working and this leaves less time for PC gaming. I have started the Citadel DLC for ME3, which is nice, but someone really needs to fix those car models (yuck!). Bought some RPGs for my Android devices, one a dungeon crawler like the old faux-First Person ones by Westwood. Another is a JRPG by Kemco that was on sale for 99p. So far touch controls suck.


Well if I could get out of my funk, I might take some photos. The Alpha a330 isn’t going anywhere, I can’t be bothered to sell it. However if I ever go on a real holiday I will just buy a decent compact, lugging a DSLR around is no fun for me. So I end up without a camera to hand. My phone is good, but the autofocus is slower than Canon’s live view.


Linux Mint is perfectly good as a day to day OS. KDE is odd, it always feels like an extra step to do everything. However I don’t feel patronized by it. I’ve read a few posts by David Revoy, he got me interested in Krita and Karbon, but my Laptop isn’t ideal to run those. Unlike Firefox, these are best run under Linux. The ports to Windows are not nearly as nice.


13th September 2012 - Category: Life,Photography,Tech and Computers

I needed to blow up some plans for my dad tonight. He had an A3 with plans for a model engine car. He wanted it up around 2.33x the size. I used to scan it in and titch the two A4 scans together and then after some searching I used PosteRazor to make a PDF with 16 A4 sheets with 3cm overlaps.

First couple of photos take with the a330

5th February 2010 - Category: Photography,Tech and Computers,Work

Casio watch on my deskApple on my desk

They were taken at work with my new camera. Lovely day outside so got some nice bokeh. I was trying to judge the minimum focus distance of the 18-55mm kit lens.

New Desk(s)

29th November 2009 - Category: Life,Photography

This is my new desk setup. They are Ikea real wood kitchen work tops (lagan) with cheap Vika legs. The Base unit stand is an old shelf that was left in the flat when I moved in years ago.

Longer term I will setup something better to hide the cables than the card board box I got the work tops in. The current solution does stop me snagging cables with my feet. 🙂

Latest Flickr images

6th October 2009 - Category: Photography

I'm not really this shortBokeh Attempt 3Bokeh Attempt 2Bokeh Attempt 1