Yeah everybody

15th April 2015 - Category: Site News

I know its not that interesting, but I spent some time optimising the site. Should load much quicker now.

Updates to Site

12th July 2013 - Category: Site News

Inspired by Uzicopter

Birthday Present

7th September 2012 - Category: Site News
Birthday Present by chrispynutt
Birthday Present, a photo by chrispynutt on Flickr.

Hacked Facebook Accounts

26th July 2012 - Category: Site News

I’ve just had a raft of spam comments that have profiles as their sites. I have for the time being blocked all comments from those with profiles as their sites.

As usual I will moderate before post all first time posters.

It finally arrived!

8th May 2012 - Category: Site News
It finally arrived! by chrispynutt
It finally arrived!, a photo by chrispynutt on Flickr.

woot I can has tablet

Fixed Gravatars

21st October 2011 - Category: Site News

Fixed Gravatars, my ancient WP 2.2 theme has been botched to work with Gravatars.

Would you miss it if this blog was gone?

30th June 2010 - Category: Site News

Should I keep this blog any longer? thats the question.

Would you really miss it if it was gone and a static site was in it’s place?

Started Using Syndication

30th September 2009 - Category: Site News

I have started syndicating my content from DevianArt to my blog here.

I am importing my Journal and Artwork. I have done this partially to improve the content flow to this site and to keep those that might be interested in what I do, but don’t want to brave DA a way to skip that.

I plan on integrating Flickr, Youtube and MyOpera into the site.

Currently I just use a category, I will add some kind of additional indicator to show that the content is from outside this site.

Any feedback on how you would like this done or how to combine your own feeds let me know.

Updates Updates

10th July 2009 - Category: Design,Games,Life,Site News,Tech and Computers

Ok so I have been pretty lax in updating lately, sauwee!

Car Front

I purchased my Sister’s old Mazda 323. It is a nice car, though finding an unschuffed panel is pretty hard 😉 I wanted to do it up a bit, but none of the mechanically minded friends seem to think it is worth doing. Shame as tidied up they are nice looking cars. It is good to drive, better still when I swap the tyres around. The fronts are a bad mix of non-brands and treads, the backs are nice Pirelli P6000s. Joined the 323F forums they seem like a nice lot. Also mailed off my old Puma mats to a deserving member of the Puma Project forums.


My boss of 10 years left recently, it’s a real shame. I’ll miss David, but I am sure I will get on just fine with my new one. I tend not to talk work here as I keep my client’s and company’s info in confidence.


Windows 7 still rocks and I think it is the best Windows yet or at least since the XP SP2 release. Vista bashing still gets on my nerves, but as crappy security software falls by the wayside I hope 7 get the chance Vista didn’t.

Someone hit the nail on the head with the iPhone, I never quite understood why I didn’t want a StarTrek:NG level device and it all comes down to its absolute ‘I know better than you’ text prediction. This why I can type pretty much easier on my old keypad SE K800i T9 than it’s virtual keyboard. It’s all about prediction, thats why I stuck with SE over Nokia and Windows Mobile. In SE it assumes you are correct and helpfully suggests a few options. In iPhone it auto corrects you with one option which you can turn it off to get what you typed. Everything else is ok or learnable.


Looking forward to a few games, really enjoyed Mass Effect on my mate’s 360. Frankly I can see myself buying one as a Mass Effect player. he he


La Roux, nice music, but her voice is a bit weak. I Come To Shanghai, good music, but often depressing, cheer up dudes. Trance Around The World with Above and Beyond, free trance music, ta chaps.


A+! I have failed to: Buy a bike, work on the house, ask anyone on a date, buy a laptop.


Congrats to: Dave & Rosie, Jo & Chris, Neil & Gwen and David & Lorna. Woot!

John Gilmour

An awesome friend and now officially an awesome designer, congrats on the Degree Dude!

My blog uses Gravatars

16th February 2009 - Category: Site News,Tech and Computers

Gravatars are a universal way of linking your email address with your avatar. It means you avatar will happily appear on any blog or system in the world (that uses Gravatars) that you comment in.