Sieg Xeon!

28th December 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers

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Ram is on its way. Mwahahahaha!

Liveview Modding

8th November 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers

Followed an XDA guide on how to mod a strap so you can charge the Liveview without removing it from its insanely hard to get out watch clip.

Modded strap for LiveviewModded strap for LiveviewModded strap for Liveview

Opera to Maxthon Switch 4

6th October 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers


Ok that’s handy for a large monitor setup. Poping out a video into another small window just for viewing.

Opera to Maxthon Switch 3

4th October 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers

Oops realised I haven’t done a post about migrating your settings.


Opera Export FavsMaxthon Import Favs

You want to go to the Opera menu, then settings, then Import and Export and choose Export Bookmarks as HTML.

Then in Maxthon, (1) go to the Maxthon menu , (2) then bookmarks manager, (3) Menu, (4) import, (5) from HTML file.


Finding your

You need to first locate your search.ini file, it should be in your opera profile folder. Similar to above.

Open in your editor of choice.

Opening your search.iniAdding searches

You are looking for the URL that contain %S.Then in Maxthon, go to manage search, add and then paste in the URL from the ini. This also works for Multi search.

I haven’t imported my Notes and Maxthon’s RSS reader is pretty poor.

Opera to Maxthon Switch 2

22nd September 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers

Opera Search Dialogue

Maxthon Search Dialogue

The top image is from Opera 12 and the bottom from Maxthon 4. As you can see Maxthon only allows you to search on what ever search engine you last used.

This can be really annoying as you might have been wanting to look for a price before and than a video the next second.

The work around is this:

Maxthon Search Settings

First delete all search engines except Maxthon Multisearch.

Maxthon Multisearch Settings

Then edit up a good list of search engines in Multisearch settings. You can copy the lines directly from you Opera searches.ini. (especially as the defaults are for the USA)

Maxthon Multisearch Results

Then when you search Multisearch will do your prefered engine first, but also give you a menu for other engines. This isn’t as elegant as Opera, but its far better than the tom foolery from before.

Whilst were at it here is a wee request for Maxthon. Please make adding to Search and Multisearch as easy as Opera 12.

image image

Notice how easy it is to add a search in Opera? in Maxthon you must visit the site, then do a search, say and then change it into a search string or

Opera to Maxthon Switch 1

20th September 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers

Opera 12 is still one of my all time favourite browsers, but its rendering engine is much slower and was in need of an upgrade. However the rest of it was awesome. It was a nice browser to come home to. However Opera saw fit to replace a Swiss Army Knife with a Spoon! It’s gotten mildy better, but you essentially have a spork now.

My day job is UI design. I use Firefox as my go to dev browser, with Firebug it is just somehow slicker than any other solution, it is also very tolerant of stupid corporate networks. However it feels like a bag of bolts glued together as a browsing browser.


Above should be a quick run down of my Maxthon setup.

Now to get it to look like this I had to get the latest Beta from the Maxthon forum and then found a link in a thread to the Chinese forum to get a nice new theme. The sidebar looks stuck on by default. I really hope the old Maxthon 3 Creative Suite theme gets ported, that was genuinely nice to use.

I’m going to do a series of blog posts about this, explaining some work arounds and some brick walls using Maxthon (4 aka Cloud {urgh!} Browser) Vs Opera 12.

P.S. the term Cloud needs to die face down in a ditch. Its nothing but a stupid marketing ploy for internet services. The Internet brings to mind 4Chan and goatsies and spam. So they gave it a make over and called it the ‘Cloud’. Its still the same old internet, now with fluffy marketing speak.

Goodbye Skype

1st September 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers

It’s over I am leaving. Except like all truly shonky websites I can’t leave I just have to abandon my account.

Why you ask? Skype Resolvers, yep anyone can pretty much DOS you based on your IP.

Not logged into Skype? as far as I can tell they can’t resolve back then.

So goodbye Skype. Maybe Razer Coms or Google from now on.

My Computing History

6th August 2013 - Category: Tech and Computers

Rough and ready, but you get the idea. Roughly in order. Excludes the Macs, BBC Micros and Acorn Archimedes from school. 26 Years of computing history.




sony-playstation-jpg-580-90image00141PFNVFABZLgamecubeathlon75041VR22WVB0LMicrosoft_XboxAMD Athlon XP 1600  AX1600DMT3C AGOIA (V) 01sony_playstation_3_60gb_game_console__brand_newE4500-R-unit5078.033gameboy-microPBell BG45-U-300 largeDS_Lite_black_heroi7_920_3845b260_02imgx612psp3000blue1

Genius Maurus

27th July 2013 - Category: Games,Tech and Computers

DSC01514 (1280x902)

Really nice so far. Nice mouse for small handed palm gripers. The glossy, but the sides are like a soft touch, but not too strong. Missing my Logitech microgear wheel, but they have a patent on that. Pretty nice click from the Omron switches. Rumour is it has an Avago 3090 sensor. It is ambidextrous so works for lefties too. It has thumb and pinky rests.

My one complaint is that it is only has single side buttons, pairs would have made it better for surfing. That said the single buttons are in ideal places to be hit by thumbs, but not accidentally it by pinkies.

Software is ok, do problems so far. Very reasonable price for a gaming mouse. Not too garish, it does have lights, but they are white and can turned up and down. It is monochrome otherwise, so would look pretty nice on a subtle, but not boring gaming rig.

Sample a57 photos

6th June 2013 - Category: Photography,Tech and Computers


All taken with my Minolta 50mm F1.7.