More Diskmark Stats 20 Sep 2014 Back in 2012 I did some benchmarks of my SD cards and SSD. I did some more today in preparation for a review for GPFault. Batman Begins promotional 128mb USB flash drive Random make 1GB USB flash drive The big disappointment, Sandisk Cruiser Blade 64GB USB flash drive Crucial MX100 512GB SSD on my X58 based motherboard.
Keepass Plugins 13 Sep 2014 I use Keepass 2 and Bittorrent Sync for my password management. My fav plugins for Windows at the moment are: Favicon Downloader and KPEnhancedEntryView]( The former allows me to download fav icons and make my keepass easier to navigate. The later just makes it easier to make quick edits. My preferred Android client is Keepass2Android, mainly because of the keyboard integration.
Fun with Fritz 27 Jul 2014 Man there is so many options in the Fritz Box. Really like the Wi-Fi scheduling.
Started a Tumblr Blog 23 Jul 2014 It’s just for stuff I like on Tumblr, so no new content.
Gave in OC’d my X5650 15 Jul 2014
Foldersize.Win32 29 Jun 2014 Use it its good.
Armor for Ladies in Skyrim 12 Apr 2014 I’ve played Skyrim a lot. Not as much these days, but I do like to follow Top5 Skyrim Mods by Cam and Seb at Gamespot. They were asked by a viewer to cover some more female armors, in particular super hero costumes. I’m more into immersion myself, so I thought I would post my favourite armours for the ladies. Now I tend to play as a male character in Skyrim because of the first person view, but you can have Housecarls, hirelings and companions. ...
Sieg Xeon! 28 Dec 2013 Ram is on its way. Mwahahahaha!
Incase you were wondering 3 Dec 2013 Yep still playing Skyrim… On my purple flaming spectral horse!
Liveview Modding 8 Nov 2013 Followed an XDA guide on how to mod a strap so you can charge the Liveview without removing it from its insanely hard to get out watch clip.