World of Warcraft - Hawtness

My friends are far to busy to play these days so if you are an aspiring Nightelf on Tyralon (maybe?) look my my new character Io.

Io actually started off as Palemoon (the same but female). I kept reading these stories about female players or rather ‘characters’ getting treated more favourably than men. So I spent an afternoon to find out if it was true. Its not true as such, more that they get more attention. So if you like getting noticed and a bit of healing/fortification its cool. I have two problems with it though, one if you are not female it just seems a little wrong like you are coning people (then again I’m not a different species either) and two there are a lot of geeky teens that chase ‘hawt’ characters. I’ve posted all the bits from Palemoon to Io now and I’m all together happier. However I am annoyed that my sister or female friends would have to use an unattractive race just to avoid these people. I’m even more annoyed that its even harder to look good as a guy in WoW. They might all look like porn stars in Lineage 2, but at least there is parity.

Io is a NightElf Druid, I’m really looking forward to getting my shape changing abilities 🙂