Futurist Tech Revisited - G-Shock Polygon

This time last year I wrote a post about futuristic tech. If you know me you know I like futurism. I wish I could afford more, but what guy in his twenties doesn’t like some tech.

One of my all time favourite futuristic items was my old Lorus Fusion.The text glowed red in the dark and the frame was asymmetrical chrome. After about 3 years it died, the beatings it took killed it. I haven’t found a watch as good since, the new Fusion I have is a pale comparison, murky green glow and uncomfortable to wear. So I’ve always had an eye out for a newer replacement.

Now Casio’s G-Shocks always seemed abit plasticy and naff to me, sure plastic can be nice, but they just seemed to ‘ick’ to me.
More rock climber than buck rogers. Then I found the G-Shock Polygon, it is a new design in simple two tone plastic and the thinest G-Shock available. I just love it’s straight out of Anime look and the negative display editions.