Does Apple not want my money?

Apple lately has erected a veritable wall of defense against me moving to the Mac. Crappy adverts and debatable design choices aside. There are two main problems as I see it with the recent Macs.


I know of 3 people with MacBook Pros, only one has been without fault and one repaired to the owners satisfaction. Hell you might even call them the JankBook Pro, but they have enough problems as is. Part of the problem is due to Apple’s stupid slim=good mentality, which sacrifices a few mm for the stability and temperature of the machine. Make no mistake these aren’t Laptops anymore.

Customer Service

The nightmare of getting service from Apple, second only to getting blood from a stone, is something my friends with faulty MBPs have had to deal with. Apparently you should just be happy with your Mac and any faults are just misunderstood ‘features’.