New Year New Avatar

Old Avatar The last time I created an avatar theme for myself I was interested photography and fractals. So I wanted an avatar that would scale and reflect my current interests. So the the Avatar shown to the left was born. It features the white border of a Polaroid photo, the HUD of camera and my personal favorite little fluffy clouds. 😀

New Avatar Well its a new year and time for a new avatar. This one is more design orientated and was made in Adobe Illustrator rather than Photoshop. My most fav’d deviation on is an vector made avatar set, so I guess I needed a more relevant avatar. It comprises of an abstract C at 45 Degrees and N at 135 Degrees interlocking. The background is a ripple out, similar to an art style I haven’t used since High School. It is usually colour animated from blue to green to brown/orange to blue. Some forums don’t allow such animation so they will see like above the static blue version.