Websites in Safari for Windows Look Bad

Whilst it has it’s detractors I really like Cleartype, Microsoft’s Sub-Pixel Anti-Aliasing  system. Personally I prefer my text to be sharp and readable in most applications. The exceptions being DTP, Illustration Apps or print previews where font accuracy is of the highest order. Shown left is a screen shot of Opera 9, Firefox 2, IE7 and Safari 3 Beta. Personally I like Opera the most, FF looks a bit heavy, IE b0rks on the ‘'’ and Safari well just looks awful. Safari behaves nothing like any windows app, it feels like running IE in Parallels Coherence on OS X. Whilst I don’t deny that OS X does many things better, more intuitively and accurately than Windows I do find it annoying when companies just up and ignore application consistency. Again the very application I am writing this post in, Windows Live Writer, ignores any pretence of consistency. Really anything above a widget or mp3 player should stay inline with the host OS by default whether the author agrees or not. One of the key reasons Linux keeps failing to win the desktop market is everyone doing their own thing in applications. It’s hard enough to learn one new OS interface, let alone some sort of shape shifting chimera. Then again Linux isn’t alone now increasing Windows and Mac Apps just ignore consistency for the fun of it.