Goodbye 1up and EGM

One of my regular rituals is checking the feeds on Friday for 1up Yours and the 1up show. Much like Buzz Out Load, it is great hearing a group of professionals with the limiters off. EGM was an institution, but unfortunately it was owned by the sick Ziff Davis and in a far less magazine friendly country. When I was over in Alaska in 2007 I noticed how poor access to computing and gaming magazines. They had maybe 3 magazines in Walmart versus 10 in my local ASDA (Walmart UK). My local ASDA is a 5th the size of that Walmart. In Dunfermline or Kirkcaldy’s WH Smith you can see almost 70 computing/gaming mags (including specials). It’s crazy. I am sure that if EGM existed in the UK it would not just be around, but in far fitter shape .

Anyway back OT, I wish the guys and gals that were laid off all the best and those survivors I have no ill will and I hope you can turn lemons into lemonade.