Review of the Yamaha TSS-10 HT Sound System

Testing it out The Yamaha TSS series (TSS-1, TSS-10 & TSS-15) is a funny home theatre set to bracket. These days you usually get HT setups in 3 manners; PC 5.1 with no decoding, all in one DVD set or a real separates system. Now imagine a very small niche in the center of these three where the Yamaha TSS (and Sony HT-BE1) resides. It offers decoding and multiple inputs like the seperates system, the one box solution like the DVD set and the affordability of the PC 5.1 set.

It is not as powerful as a lot of other systems, but for a small living room or second room system it is ideal. The sound is good, if not amazing, but still far better than the tat they call speakers in 99% of today’s TVs. Each of the TSS series have a healthy selection of inputs, the TSS-15 is by far the best offering two opticals, one digital coax and dual phono inputs. The TSS-10 which I have lacks the coax. This is still enough to input from a PS3, 360 and Wii without changing a single cable. For the record I only own a PS3, but for serious gamers this might be a good bonus.

I have have found the TSS-10 to be easy to use and setup, its small speakers have integrated wall mounts. The remote is a simple as it gets. It supports Pro Logic, Dolby 5.1 and DTS for the stunning ebay price of £25. Frankly if you have spent hundreds on your new HD telly, why not pay up and get a wee system like this to help you enjoy it all the more.