Mass Effect

So this is my second play through of Mass Effect. I first played on my mate John’s 360. I am not playing on the PC. I have to say, bar the odd issue with low resolution assets and GPFs it is a better experience. The interface is much better and the Mako is far better a vehicle.

It is a good universe, I wish in a sense they would do a Manga, TV Series or Film based on the universe. Whilst not as gritty as the new BSG universe or as beloved as StarWars, I feel it would make a very good franchise to explore. It has overtones of good old StarTrek, before it became a mess about time travel. The series it is most like to my mind is Babylon 5. However it has so many roots, I couldn’t call it a rip off of any one series. It is it’s on distinct thing.

Bringing Down The Sky DLC is free if you register on the Bioware forums and is a very nice addition. It doesn’t use to many standard assets and is over all very much worth playing. For around £3.25 on XBLA it is ok, not long, but good. Don’t buy Pinnacle Station though as it is really just virtual missions and not a distinct mission as such.

As a big fan of 70s airbrush style space adventure it is very enjoyable. I have been reading some Asimov lately and whilst more restrained, I can see more than a hint of him in this.