Mass Effect Cover Critic: The First Game

Mass Effect 2’s cover art is getting some criticism at the moment, even though it was reworked because of earlier criticism. I thought it a good idea to have an idea of the previous standard of artwork.

Mass Effect Western Standard Version Mass Effect Western Collectors Version Mass Effect Asian Standard Version

Left to right: The standard western cover, the limited edition western cover and the standard Japanese cover.

They are all pretty  good. Sheperd in first two is a bit butterfaced and indistinct. However the first is much more space opera like and evokes a bit of Star Wars. The special edition, looks a bit more hacked together, like its made from bits of the first and the mono-orange tone is a bit bland. The Japanese cover is a much cleaner design and evokes more of an alien style hard hitting form of sci-fi. I think I prefer the first one on balance, but Saren does look lost and cramped up there, like he is peaking over the top in the cheap seats. The last is next best, OMHO, and is far more striking from a distance. The middle is just meh and looks a tad unprofessional compared to the others, it does at least try.