First Tablet Thoughts

Below is an email I sent my mate when he asked about by new tablet:

So far so good. Ordered a case. It is ironically the same size as a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus which is also what I ran a script on it to spoof it’s self as so I could download more tablet apps on the Play Store.

It is not super fast like the Tegra 3 devices, but I think it is easily across my threshold for a device:

  • Solidly built and nice finish
  • HDMI out 1.4 version supports 3D and 2160P out
  • 8GB of internal storage partitioned into 1GB system and 7GB virtual SD card for storage
  • MicroSD card for additional 16GB
  • IPS display, good viewing angles all around, 1024×600 at 7”
  • Android 4.0.3
  • 1GHZ single core ARM processor not odd or strange and uses the standard ARM GPU also for high compatibility
  • USB in and out. By this it can a both use and be used other devices. Connect a keyboard and mouse and a monitor via HDMI and you have an emergency desktop
  • In portrait I can hold it in one hand edge to edge
  • 300g Vs ipad 600g+ Vs Advent Vega 750g
  • 1GB of ram


  • Not super powerful, the GPU uses some PSP/PS2 era tricks for transparency that gives a grain to the image
  • Small, some people want a larger device
  • Need to do a wee hack to get more apps to support it
  • Support, random ebay seller and luck of the market getting one
  • No back facing camera
  • Speaker grill is too small or speaker is too big, whole back vibrates at higher volumes. Mono speaker

Also I used my phone as an access point no problems with it

For £150 it is a nice wee device or gadget.

p.s. photo to follow.