Asus HD7950 DirectCU II Top

This card is a mouth full to say and more than one in size.

As you can see it is substantially larger than my less than svelt EVGA GTX 560 Ti. The 560 is a great card. Frankly if I had just bought the 2GB version I would not own the Asus 7950 right now.

Why did I buy it? Skyrim. I have spent frankly insane amount of time in Skyrim and I am on my 2nd play through and loving it as much as day one. However I love mods and going over 1GB of ram is far too easily done with some texture packs.

Also longer term I hope we can get away from crappy low PPI displays and up to around 125PPI+ screens. Really 1440P at 23” or 24”  would be fine by me. However that extra res needs more grunt and now I have that.

Raw numbers from Uningine’s DirectX 11 Benchmark :

Uningine’s DirectX 11 Benchmark

Name FPS Score Min FPS Max FPS
GTX 560 Ti 67.2 1694 26.6 136.0
HD 7950 102.0 2569 37.9 182.5

Where the 7950 really comes into its own is bandwidth, there is always more in the tank.

That’s why Skyrim can look like this:

example from Skyrim 1

example from Skyrim 2

This one is with the Jasmin 4.9 Real ENB