Avatar is so good, not that one

Avatar - Complete Collection Lets face it you didn’t really think I was going to promote James Cameron’s preachy space film. I am also not promoting the live action version of The Last Airbender, because even if it was okay it would still be one step away from the real thing.

Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is by far the highest quality American cartoon series I have ever seen. Batman: The Animated Series is for me a blue print for Batman. However Avatar seems to be one whole step up from that. Mainly due to a definable arc. Batman has excellent stand alone episodes and on a episode to episode basis is a match and some times betters Avatar. However Avatar is very consistent in quality and constantly impresses.

What doesn’t delight is the shoddiness of the UK transfer. The later discs are far better, but expect bad interlacing and jerky motion in the first handful of discs.

Give it a go and if you have kids old enough to get it, watch it with them.