Genius Maurus

Really nice so far. Nice mouse for small handed palm gripers. The glossy, but the sides are like a soft touch, but not too strong. Missing my Logitech microgear wheel, but they have a patent on that. Pretty nice click from the Omron switches. Rumour is it has an Avago 3090 sensor. It is ambidextrous so works for lefties too. It has thumb and pinky rests.

My one complaint is that it is only has single side buttons, pairs would have made it better for surfing. That said the single buttons are in ideal places to be hit by thumbs, but not accidentally it by pinkies.

Software is ok, do problems so far. Very reasonable price for a gaming mouse. Not too garish, it does have lights, but they are white and can turned up and down. It is monochrome otherwise, so would look pretty nice on a subtle, but not boring gaming rig.