Armor for Ladies in Skyrim

I’ve played Skyrim a lot. Not as much these days, but I do like to follow Top5 Skyrim Mods by Cam and Seb at Gamespot.

They were asked by a viewer to cover some more female armors, in particular super hero costumes.

I’m more into immersion myself, so I thought I would post my favourite armours for the ladies.

Now I tend to play as a male character in Skyrim because of the first person view, but you can have Housecarls, hirelings and companions. Skyrim is a nordic and windswept place. So I tend to dislike the skimpy armors on my travel companions. Serana kind of gets away with it as she is undead and so cold is moot. Even then I want armor to, you know, be armor.

My first choice is the Crimson Ranger Armor with the black textures.

As you can see It’s my No 1 choice for Jenassa, as she is always chatting about striking from shadows, shown here with zzjay and Grace Darklings Hoods with hairs. [Also available for male characters]

I really like some of the vanilla armors as well.

Stand outs are:

For Jenassa again the Elven Armor, but the Thalmor version by CaBaL120.

For Lydia Orcish again by CaBaL120 and…

Nordic Carved also by CaBaL120. I know the Above is Jenassa, but bare with me. You can find these retextures in the Book of Silence. I am playing a male battle mage at the moment. He’s a Breton so slightly short and not that strong. When I need warrior backing me up I bring Lydia along. I have her modded to be tall even for a Nord. So she has a Brienne of Tarth thing going on.

Armors to also consider.

Fur Huntress by Killer Keo, now Keo is renown for doing skimpy versions of armours and that’s why I think his most immersive work has been overlooked. His fans don’t like it as its pretty much fully covered and immersion fans wouldn’t know to look at his stuff. It looks great for a hunter play through and genuinely looks like it was made from furs and leather in game.

Templar Set by Mancika is an interesting one. Even in the sets above, there is still the fact that they look a bit boob armour-ish. Not that realistic. I’d say they are 1:1 with the Skyrim lore. However if you want armour that could stop a double handed sword I think this is the one. Perhaps the choice for a Lady Van Nord. [Also available for male characters]

Lustmord Vampire Armor by AmethistDeceiver is on the other side, it does have a cleavage window, but then again all vanilla vampire armor do, its very configurable and has a sans-window option, whilst keeping the fem-fatale look. [Also available for male characters]