Defeating Prejudice or:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Need For Speed.

Need for Speed is a series I have always held in disdain, a chav racer only that wasn’t worth looking at versus arcade racer king Burnout or simulation champion Gran Turismo. I saw The Fast and the Furious, whilst entertaining it did little to contradict my view of shiny glowy night time racers like NFS:U, NFS:U2 and NFS:C. The first inkling I had that it might not just be a chav racer and something of a good arcade racer to have as a wing man to Burnout was 4 Color Rebellion‘s take on NFS:Carbon for Wii.

So a couple of weeks back I asked my mate to download the demos of NFS: Carbon, Juiced 2 and PGR 4 on his Xbox 360. I tried NFS first and was confounded, it was hugely enjoyable and certainly looked nice if a little low on FPS. So we tried Juiced 2, it looked a wee bit nicer, but the game handled like 2nd rate racer, not bad just not great like Auto Modellista did. PGR 4 is the latest in a series of games that after every retry I have disliked immensely. No great surprise when I thought it was made of huge amounts of ass when I played it, nice rain though.

So fast forward to this weekend and my mate John decided to trade in his PS2 Slim for the shiny monolith that is the PS3. Whilst we were in Gamestation Kirkcaldy I found a rare copy of NFS:Carbon for the Xbox 180. I was informed by a bemused Gamestation Edinburgh employee that the Xbox version was always sold out and he didn’t have the foggiest idea why. The simplest answer is MS dropped the Xbox like a hot potato and there for EA followed suit. This is a great shame as the Xbox Carbon looks great, not as great as say Motorstorm in 720P on the PS3, but pretty flipping amazing for the little black box.

I started on tuner as the muscle cars feel as crap as they look and until I have mastered some skill in NFS I feel my nice shiny RX8 tuner will meet my needs. The game plays really nicely and has a free roaming aspect that I didn’t expect, I really am enjoying it and the ability to play in bite size chunks makes it all the more appealing, like GTA: Vice City.